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Fortnite to Premiere Exclusive Star Wars 9 Clip Next Week

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Fortnite is set to premiere an exclusive clip from The Rise of Skywalker next week. The massively popular game recently added Star Wars skins, which have proven to be very popular. Now, players are going to be able to see an exclusive clip from the highly anticipated movie with an appearance by director J.J. Abrams too. Players started to notice posters for the event from around the game earlier this week and weren't quite sure what to make of it at first.

The Rise of Skywalker clip will premiere in Fortnite on December 14th at 2 PM Eastern. The event will take place within the game's Risky Reels location with doors opening 30 minutes before the event. It's unclear how J.J. Abrams will be involved, but the game has been known to host live events. Marshmello held a live event in Fortnite earlier this year, so one can imagine they'll be doing the same thing with Abrams. Whatever the case may be, gamers are pretty excited about the upcoming live event.

Earlier this year, it was reported that Fortnite has 250 million players. That's a lot of people and a really great place to promote things, especially like The Rise of Skywalker. The Star Wars 9 clip will debut a little less than a week before the final installment when the Skywalker Saga hits theaters and will give the movie a significant boost. With that being said, Lucasfilm and Disney have put out a lot of footage in the form of TV spots over the past week and some fans are beginning to wonder if we're seeing too much of the movie.

As far as The Rise of Skywalker clip premiering within a video game, there is a good chance that it will leak ahead of time. Fortnite has experienced this before, but Lucasfilm and Disney may have the muscle to make sure that doesn't happen. Star Wars fans who don't play the game will be able to see the clip either as it airs through gamers' live streaming, or a little afterwards when a number of people go and upload it to their gaming profiles on social media. It will probably be everywhere within minutes.

Star Wars 9 hits theaters on December 20th. However, the world premiere and press screenings are set to take place earlier in the week, which means there will be spoilers floating around. For people who want to go in blind, it might be a good time to start avoiding certain sites and social media platforms. There are already an abundance of leaks floating around that have been confirmed, so consider yourself warned. The Fortnite event should drum up some extra hype for the upcoming sequel. You can check out a poster for the live event below, thanks to the Fortnite News Twitter account.