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Xenomorph T-Rex Comes to Life with REBOR’s Bloodlord X-Rex Figure

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Xenomorph X-Rex Aliens

Xenomorph is a creature that can easily give anyone nightmares. These devastating creatures have filled the sci-fi community with some great movies and toys. My favorite part of the Xenomorph mythos is the “what if’ scenarios, Kenner conquered this back in the day with their line of Xenomorph Alien Figures but I think we have a new contender. You might be thinking it is NECA after their reimagined Alien Rhino figure but no its a new contender, it’s REBOR. This company has created some amazing Dinosaur collectibles but this one really takes the cake. This time we are getting a fusion creature between the Alien Xenomorph and the T-Rex and this figure is beautiful! This so-called X-Rex gives us the best of both worlds with a highly detailed figure that has a metallic finish. The artists put a lot of love in this figure and it is ready to make the jungle run red. The X-Rex has a bendable tail which is a great feature to have, the ability to remove its tongue and rotating arms. It does have some size to it too with a 17-inch length and it being scaled at 1/35. This figure is perfect for any Alien Xenomorph fan and any dinosaur groupie that wants a beautifully crafted collectible.

 Xenomorph X-Rex Aliens

Product Description

From Rebor, the Broodlord X-Rex measures about 17 inches long and has been painted with a metallic finish. The Broodlord X-Rex has been made of solid PVC and features a removable tongue, rotatable arms, and a bendable tail.

Product Features

  • 16.90 inches (43cm)
  • Made of PVS
  • Metallic finish
  • Rotatable arms
  • Bendable tail
  • Removable tongue