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Funny Interactive Cat Hide & Seek Cat Toy Wooden Box

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Hide & Seek Cat Mice Toy

Cats will be trying to pull the items out of the box and the fun will be guaranteed

Product Description

Product category: toys for pets

Material: wood

Color: wood color

Parameters: 25x25x6 cm

Weight: 750 g

There are 17 holes, it will awaken the cat's curiosity, explore and discover sublimity by itself.

The Interactive Cat Toy takes cats and dogs hours to connect pets and their owners through games.

Rugged, safe, high quality board and solid construction that guarantees many years of play for any cat.

It hides with three balls and a mouse. You can also add cat treats, cat balls, cat wands. Works great as a cat food dispenser for dry cat food and a puzzle box!

Stimulates natural instincts to explore, scratch, sniff, find and get hidden rewards with three levels of difficulty to challenge smart cats as their skills improve!

Cats have an instinctive desire to look at cracks and crevices, especially when they know something is hiding beyond them.

A toy is especially good for when you have to leave your cat at home because it will keep your cat busy for hours.

Rotate the toys in the box so that they always dig for something else and for extra fun, put a few treats inside: cat treats, cat balls, cat stick.

Packaging List

The package is included:

1 x cat toy